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The LiveJournal Animanga Iconmakers Awards 2008 (Nominations Round)

Hey everyone! :D Welcome one and all to the 3rd annual LiveJournal Animanga Iconmakers Awards. So here we are with the actual iconist nominations post! (what you've all been waiting for, lol)

This is how it works. During this nomination round, we will nominate people for the various awards. This will go on for about a week and a half, give or take, depending on how much participation we have. To nominate someone, reply to the comment that has the name of the category you're nominating someone for. Comment with the name of the nominee in LJ-tag form. (ie: bob) OPTIONAL: IT'D BE NICE IF YOU COULD ALSO PUT THEIR NAME IN SUBJECT OF THE COMMENT SO IT MAKES IT EASIER TO NAVIGATE ONCE THE COMMENTS START TO STACK.

For your nomination to count, you will have to have 3 people comment to your nomination saying that they second, third, and fourth your nomination.

Note: If there are less than three "official" nominees, the ones closest to being official will also be counted until there are at least 3 official nominees. Ie: if there are only 2 Death Note nominees and bob has been thirded but not fourthed, he will also be counted.

Other Rules: You may not nominate yourself, nor can any nominations be made anonymously. Anonymous comments are disabled. Also, do not comment outside the comments we've already posted. That is to say, you can comment to any of my comments, but you cannot post your own. This is mostly just to prevent clutter.

There are 20 categories that pertain to actual series--these were chosen by YOU, the voting public, in a voting session. Then there are 8 categories that pertain to people who MAKE series. These were also chosen by the voting public. The other 22 categories are more general, such as "Best Textless Icons", etc. This makes for 50 categories in total.

Be sure and pimp this post so we can get lots of nominations. :3 Thanks for reading!

* If you do not wish to have your own nomination count--that is, you are uncomfortable with receiving an award, having your icons posted, etc., you have only to tell me so by commenting to the FAQ and stating that you wish to be withdrawn. You can do this at any time before voting is put up. I respect people's right to choose and if you don't wish to be entered, it's in your power to stop me.

The official nominees are:



Once you've been officially listed as a nominee, it'd be great if you could email us ( with a few sample icons that pertain to each of the categories you were nom'ed to. We'll end up doing them ourselves if you don't (so voters have something to go on in case they don't recognize your name), but it'd save us a lot of trouble. 8D We will need 4 icons for each category you're entered in. If you're entered in Biggest Trendsetter, the Congeniality Award, or Most Popular, don't worry about example icons for those.

Also, you can repeat icons, so if you have an icon that you want to use, say, for Best Textless AND Best of Death Note, feel free, just let us know. Icon comms will need to compile a set of their best icons, however. Each iconmaker has to contribute at least one icon to the set, to be fair. It is fine to send us more than 4 icons if you have more than 4 iconmakers in your community. Most Underrated icons are basically just what you perceive to be your best icons.



Would it be alright to send in icon samples that haven't been posted in my icon journal yet? About sending the sample icons in; do they have to be ones that are already made or can you make a few new ones?

You can send whatever you like. If it's an icon you don't want anyone to take yet, be sure that you specify so we can mark it accordingly. :3 You can make new icons to send in if you really want.

When's the deadline for sending the samples? :o

Two weeks after nominations close, which is not for a while.... I want to say March 10th. :x Somewhere around there.

I got nominated for the 'congeniality' award, but I can't think of a way that displaying icons would fit into that. Am I supposed to submit anything in?

Nope, no samples for Congeniality.


Leave comments here if you have any questions.
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